Monday, 31 August 2009

August Result: £2049.07

Yes that figure is correct and not a typo, I managed to smash my previous best month by more than £1200 seeing that my previous best alone was just over £800 it's a pretty big jump.
A fair bit of this profit came from 1 race where I made something like £360 with a matched bet (which a fair few of them I will just lay off the initial back stake and commission amount and leave the rest of it on the 1 horse). I also managed to find a fair few decent arbs which made £20+ a race as well.

Trading has again been on the back burner this month although I did manage a nice £43.34 on the F1 and £49.36 on the Football which is a new thing I've been looking at getting into this month as I watch a fair bit of football and so I can trade on that while watching it. I'm not sure what I've made trading the horses but I would say it's £20+.

Also thanks to the matched betting my Betfair account is in a big negative so I won't be seeing the Betfair Premium Charge in a while hopefully.

Hoping September will be a half decent month but seeing as the horse card is pretty much cut in half now I'm not expecting anything amazing.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

July Result: £579.41
June Result: £768.00

I've not had much chance to post recently as I've been busy with other things and so trading has been put on the back burner although I've done a bit of matched betting and Arbing in the spare time I have had.
When I have traded I made £3.23 on the Tennis, £14.28 on the Golf and £39.35 on F1 and I've also done a few trades on the Premiership winners market like last year and have built up nearly £7000 on 8 of the outsiders which I will then use to Dutch the other teams so hope to make £20 ish back from the £7000 I'm up on these outsiders as lets be honest they have no hope of winning it, I've also done a few trades on Big Brother but nothing like the amount of last year so won't even get close to last years total but will hopefully end up in a profit anyway. So only just over £50 profit from trading overall in the last 2 months but like I've said I've done next to no trading at all and I'm more than happy with the money I made overall from matched betting and a few arbs.
Hopefully this or next month I will be able to get back to trading a lot more and topping up my balance.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

May Result: £810.89 (total)

Well just recorded my highest ever profit in a month mostly all down to matched betting, although a nice piece did come from Britains Got Talent £71.08 (made £36.24 from this last year as well) so made a nice increase in profit this year than last although I was on earlier this year it was more than I expected using a £50 bank.
Out of the May Result £93.99 of it was from trading so I will take that since I've not really been trading much/at all due to the matched betting I'm very happy with this.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

May Result: £485.75 (so far)

A cracking start to my matched betting for the first part of this month a total profit of £485.75 with just around £10 of it coming from trading as I've not had the time.
Again I've added a screen shot although I doubt I will bother from now on as with the matched betting it doesn't give a true pic of whats happening, as I pointed out in my last post with regards to the Premiership Winners Market, I'm now almost £400 up on that (although this will eventually end up around £120 overall when all the teams are ruled out and all the bets are settled)
The great thing about all these matched betting winners is that my profits on Betfair are taking a big big hit and now my total charges % for Betfair is a huge 48.72% overall now so I'm well away from being close to getting hit by the Betfair Premium Charge for now.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

April Result: £506.73

Well as reported in previous post I've not had much chance to trade recently and so have concentrated almost fully on matched betting instead and have made a very good profit from this and because of the profit from this I've decided to rightly concentrate on this in my spare time. I've included a print screen on the month but it doesn't show the true story at all, all the loses on the Horses are due to matched betting and £50 of the Greyhound profit is from matched betting as well.
Still even without trading much I've managed 95.36 profit from trading with most of this coming from F1 although the 2nd and 3rd race I did were very disappointing and not many chances for me, although it says I've only made £11.90 this month I'm actually much higher than that as I've been playing with the premiership winners market all season and when a club is unable to mathematically win the title they then settle all bets on that team and as such I a
m -£40.75 on the Prem winners market for the month but with the way it works that money goes onto the teams left and so that money will be coming back to me when teams can no longer win it, for instance after today Arsenal will probably be officially be out of the title race this weekend and as such I have layed them for £2043 and backed them for £1553 so when that happens again it will have me up by a big amount but overall because of the way they payout as I've mentioned above this is not the case as both Liverpool and Chelsea I have backed for more than what I've layed so then when they are ruled out it will show I've lost money from those 2 when this is not the case.
Around £400 though from matched betting this month is a great result which I'm very happy with especially as my stakes are very small not only that but it is helping me keep my premium charge 'allowance' on Betfair as currently my Total Charges % is now at 36.77% which is perfect for me (before just trading it was around 6%) so as long as it stays around 20% I am more than happy as nothing will come off my allowance.
Due to the matched betting this is also my best month profit wise so very happy with that, hopefully if I don't get gubbed I will be able to improve on that.

March Result: £93.36

Well again I've not had much chance to do an update on the blog and not had the chance to do much trading either so just a quick update on the profit and loss since then, although the print screen will say I have made more money that it says above this is not really the case as the extra money is from matched betting.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Daily Result: £97.60 (well more like a monthly result really)

Haven't had much chance to update the blog recently due to work so basically this post is a monthly update instead (£63.71 of the above amount was in Jan and the other £31.89 is up to yesterday in Feb so I've updated my figures accordingly), all you eagle eyed people will notice that on the first screenshot the profit is showing as £522.47 although I wish this was the case it is not it is simply down to matched betting and the profit for that screen shot with trading is actually £37.26. The other screen shot is my other account which I've been using to trade the correct score market on the football (this account doesn't usually get used as I don't have BetAngel on this account and the way I trade inplay on the correct score market I don't need it) and the whole £60 odd is trading, which has gone pretty darn well considering that I've only done 5 matches and used a bank of just £40 (all I had left in this account, like I said I doesn't get used) so to more than double my bank I'm very happy with it, I got the idea for this after seeing a video for correct score trading and thought I would give it a go, anyway hope its going well for everyone and I should be back to updating much faster than last month.