Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Daily Result: £97.60 (well more like a monthly result really)

Haven't had much chance to update the blog recently due to work so basically this post is a monthly update instead (£63.71 of the above amount was in Jan and the other £31.89 is up to yesterday in Feb so I've updated my figures accordingly), all you eagle eyed people will notice that on the first screenshot the profit is showing as £522.47 although I wish this was the case it is not it is simply down to matched betting and the profit for that screen shot with trading is actually £37.26. The other screen shot is my other account which I've been using to trade the correct score market on the football (this account doesn't usually get used as I don't have BetAngel on this account and the way I trade inplay on the correct score market I don't need it) and the whole £60 odd is trading, which has gone pretty darn well considering that I've only done 5 matches and used a bank of just £40 (all I had left in this account, like I said I doesn't get used) so to more than double my bank I'm very happy with it, I got the idea for this after seeing a video for correct score trading and thought I would give it a go, anyway hope its going well for everyone and I should be back to updating much faster than last month.