Monday, 30 June 2008

Daily Result: £3.15

Well again only had the chance to trade on 5 races today and like normal only got a few £ matched so only made £3.15 from the 5 races, still it covers the cost of BetAngel for a few days, hopefully during the week I will get the chance to trade on quite a few races.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Daily Result: £3.59

Again I only traded a few races today as I wanted to watch the football I also traded the first goalscorer market for £1.90, there is a golf tournement on from tomorrow till Sunday and it's on sky as well so hopefully I will get the chance to trade in that one as I tend to make a few £ on the golf.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Daily Result: £5.36

Well again I only managed to trade 4 races today for £3.20 profit but although the average profit per race was there I seemed to trade poorly (or the trades went against me put it that way) and TBH I was lucky to walk away with a profit today i
t could of so easily been my first overall loss in a day so I will take any profit that I can get.
*update* I managed to trade 2 races at the end of the day as well for another £2.16 profit from the 2 races and these turned out much better than the ones earlier today and went my way quickly.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Daily Result: £9.21

Well a pretty uneventful trading day for me today with £9.21 profit but that was from 9 races so over £1 profit each race average so I'm happy with that especially as like normal I only got fully matched in 1 race for £3.11 profit, not bad since my lay and back amounts were £10. I always lay first as for me it's much easier to spot a drifter in the market so although I can't put as much on as I could if I backed first I do pretty much get it right most of the time (take today for instance I made a profit in them all and *touch wood* have still not had a day where I have lost money.

My Internet also went back up to 1meg today so hopefully thats it sorted for a while now I am tempted to try to lower the SNR on my line to squeeze a bit more speed out of it (was on 1.4meg last week for the first time in about 3 years) but I think I will leave it as although thats no doubt slow for most people I'm used to it and it's more than adequate for me.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Daily Result: £17.28

Well my internet has finally updated to 0.5meg so I was finally able to trade again after a short lay off.
I made my highest total in a day just trading the horses although that was probably because I did trade in 19 races and I would of actually made a few £ more but in the last race my internet froze for 10 seconds and at the time I was able to back the horse I wanted at 20 which would of allowed me to trade out for £1 profit ish but instead when the net came back the price had changed to 15 and meant that I actually lost £1.35 which was disappointing (although could of been worse as like normal I didn't get all my amount matched)but overall I'm happy with the amount I made especially when as I've said before a lot of the time I only get matched for £5 or so if all my bets got matched by the full amount each time I would make 4 or 5 times as much as I do but hey sometimes I do get fully matched or close to fully matched so I can't complain (you can tell those ones easily on my profit/loss screen shot as those are the ones where I make £2-£3 in 1 race).

Now £17.28 might not sound a lot and TBH it's not but I do my trading normally while I'm at my computer working anyway so if I wasn't able to trade anyway the money would only be sat in the bank earning me around 10p a month so I would take doing this for £200 a month rather than letting it sit in the bank earning me 10p and TBH I actually quite enjoy trading on Betfair and it's always nice to see my balance in Betfair going up.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Daily Result : £5.13

Well my Internet connection is 0.1-0.2meg so at the moment it's pretty much impossible for me to trade so I managed only 1 trade on the Golf for just £1.14 when I was hoping for quite a bit more, I did also manage 1 trade on the Le Mans 24hr for £3.99 profit so making the £5.13 in total, hopefully my Internet profile will change very shortly as I'm synced so much higher.

On a more positive note total profit has just gone over £200 and at the moment *touch wood* I've yet to have a losing day.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Daily Result : £3.48

Well thanks to a powercut my router has resynced at a stunning 0.2meg (my line for some reason always comes back with a stupidly high noise margin if it has to be reset/loses power (in this case it came back with a noise margin of 27.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!, my line has always been stable at 6 so why it does this I dont know so I have to manually bring the noise margin down to get it to resync at a faster speed, It's currently resycned at 0.8meg but the way BT work it is that it will
take a few days to go upto that speed as it makes sure the line is stable so not only am I missing out on trading the horses but I am missing out on the US Open which finishes this weekend and I was hoping to make a nice chunk of cash from that as I have done the previous Golf tournements.
Result is from Fri as well by the way and not Sat, it was so slow yesterday that I couldn't even get it to load up this blog lol, anyway £3.48 from 4 races is an average of 87p so at least the average I'm getting from a race is going up, I just wish my money would get taken quicker as quite often I only get a few £ matched before someone pops ahead of my odds and it never normally goes back to my odds again so I only get around 1/5th - 1/4 of what I could do if it all gets matched, if you see some of my previous days when I've made around £3 in a race thats normally because mo
st or all of my amount has been matched.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Daily Result: £15.19

Well since starting this blog this is now my best day trading (for just the horses) and I traded pretty darn well for over £15 profit in only 12 races (all profitable ones) which is an average of £1.25 a race which OK is not a huge amount but as I've said before just 1 of those races pays for BetAngel for the day and I actually quite enjoy doing this and making some money on Betfair and I'm getting a much better return on my money doing this than if I left it in my bank, (If I left the £150 in my bank that I started with I would of made a few pence interest on that using that same amount of money I've made over £190 now and although a calender month is basically up since I started this I've actually only traded 18 of those days as well and a fair few of them for a short space of time)
US Open has started as well today so hoping to make a few £ on it before the finish of it on Sun.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Daily Result: £5.69

Well now that my internet seems to have settled down I will hopefully be able to start trading again now as it was fine for the races I did today, (getting 1.4meg as well which is a plus for what I'm used to), still very slow for most but it's amazing for my line.
Trading wise the day went fine with only 1 race which lost me money and that race I could of made a profit but I was slow on the trigger and by the time I placed my back bet the odds had fallen again so instead of a 50p profit I had a 50p loss but in the 11 races I did trade I got £5.69 so thats around 50p a race profit so although it's a very small amount it is allowing my bank to build up nicely.
Hopefully will get to trade most of the day tomorrow.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Daily Result: £3.79

Well I changed over ISP's on Friday and the router they give you is shocking compared to the Belkin 7633 that I have and the o2 router was basically syncing at 0.3meg giving me a download speed of 0.2meg and leaving the noise m
argin at a stupidly high 19-20 (where as 6 before was very stable for me). eventually I've managed to get all the details I needed to use my Belkin router which has allowed me to manually bring down the noise margin from 19-20 to around 10 and allowed me to sync at around 1.3meg (although download speeds are around 0.2-0.5meg because the sync speed is much higher I should eventually get back to 1meg) which if I hadn't been able to change the SNR manually I would of been at .3 speed max. I did manage to place a few bets yesterday and made £50 using matched betting by laying a free bet I was given (after placing a £50 bet and laying that off as well) but as it was not trading I'm not including it. today I managed to make a small profit by using the bookmaking option in BetAngel on the Golf again (although I did stop after a short while as the refresh rates were poor due to my rubbish download speeds and so I didn't want to get caught out) what I did notice was that players can make big comebacks from stupidly high odds for instance I layed 1 player for 20p for odds of 990 so my liability was £197+ (well it wasn't as it was layed off elsewhere) but instead of laying that 20p off now I think I will just let it go for a while as the player made a comeback and his odds fell all the way back down to 3 so I could off layed off that profit for £100 instead of making just 20p (although TBH I would of prob laid off when it fell to 10ish but that still would of been around £20 profit). still hopefully I will be back up to full speed soon and able to trade and all in all I'm happy with the £3.79 profit as it again more than covers the BetAngel costs for the day.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

shocking start....good finish

Daily Result: £12.79

For the 2nd day running I had a shockingly bad start after the first 3 races I was down over £2 which I got back in the 4th race of the day for a £2 profit, from then on I didn't have anymore losing trades for some reason it just seems to be the first couple of races.
Overall I managed to trade in 21 races (so pretty much a full race card), 2 of them were loses and the other 19 being profitable ones....although my daily profit looks a lot better thanks to the last 2 races where I got nearly £6 from them which was about 90% of the previous 19 races total profit, with the 2nd from last race being my biggest profit from a single race since starting this with a fine £4.73, this is also my best day profits wise trading on the horses, I trade much better than this every day though and like I said without the last 2 races I traded I would of had a very average day at best (considering how many races I did), anyway I'm actually enjoying making money from trading on the markets no matter how small and now that my bank is growing it is allowing me more money to back and lay and so make more profit which can only be a good thing.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Doubled my starting bank!!!!!!!

Daily Result: £5.62

Well today was the day...... I've now doubled my starting bank of £150 and turned it into £300+ and in that time I've yet to have 1 losing day.
Trading wise with the extra money I got off to a shocking start losing 73p in the first race and then £1.40 in the 2nd leaving me over £2 down after 2 races so for the first time since the start I was beginning to question whether I could act
ually do this on a bigger bank, well in the 3rd race I traded it all clicked into place and I made £2.16 which just covered my 2 losing races from then on I made constant profits of around £1 a race which with my bigger bank will be the amount I will be aiming for.
Refresh wise both BetAngel and Betfair were OK for most of the time and only spiked once or twice a minute so was probably better than it has been for quite a while, lately I've not been doing many races because of the poor refresh rates so I'm hoping that I will o
nce again be able to trade for most of the day (so prob not the best time to be moving ISP from Eclipse to 02 on Friday then but hey Eclipse were beginning to annoy me with there poor speeds), so hopefully tomorrow will be a full or near full trading day for me as when my ISP is changed on Friday the Internet will be off for a few hours and then I have the 10 day while it determines my line speed which normally knocks the Internet off every few hours in those first 10 days so I will no doubt have to trade less to begin with.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Daily Result: £6.09

Well the delay on Betfair was much better today (as in there wasn't as many) although in the end I did only trade on 11 races I did get a healthy profit, in the 11 races I scratched on 2 and won on the other 9 so all in all the trading was good and I got 1/5th of the amount needed to pay BetAngel for another month just today, I'm also under £2 away from doubling my £150 bank that I started with in just 13 trading days (around 3 weeks overall).

I was going to purchase BetAngel for a year for £200 as that would save me around £13 a month on the current price but with £200 I'm currently making around 30p a race so after 44 races I will have made back that extra cost because it allows me to lay for more money.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Daily Result: £10.31

Well I don't normally trade on a Sunday so decided to try a bit of the old bookmaking option in the Golf after last weeks success and have to say it went quite well again today even with the 3seconds or so delays (not including the 5second in play delay) I managed to come away with £10.31 profit for 5Min's or so work.
I will definitely look into this option more as I was wary of using it before as I lost £15 in one of the horse races because of a withdraw but in the Golf and TV shows etc I should be OK.

still no end in sight.....result for Sat

Daily Result: £37.94

Well still the problem with Betfair and the slow response rates/times is happening which is really hindering my trading on the horses, I was told that Britain's got talent finished tonight and the market was in play and regularly going over 100% on the lay side which meant I could lay the whole market for a profit across the board (just like I did the Golf last week) so I was laying that a few times yesterday and ended up £35 across the board (with some in the £100's and half the market in the £1000's), although when it got close to the result the times got stupidly slow (over 11 seconds to place a bet) so decided to quit while I was ahead.
very happy with this bookmaking option though as it seems to work very well with in play events that don't change odds by a big amounts in the space of a few seconds (like horse racing) and most of the time all the selections will get matched almost right away and because a lot of the time the profit is 2%ish if there is 1 selection in the market I am waiting for (and the market is going against me) I can easily just move the odds to get matched and still get a profit (obviously less of one though).
very happy overall though that I've almost doubled my bank in the 11 days that I've traded, hopefully get to £150 and so doubled my bank by this time next week.