Saturday, 14 June 2008

Daily Result : £3.48

Well thanks to a powercut my router has resynced at a stunning 0.2meg (my line for some reason always comes back with a stupidly high noise margin if it has to be reset/loses power (in this case it came back with a noise margin of 27.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!, my line has always been stable at 6 so why it does this I dont know so I have to manually bring the noise margin down to get it to resync at a faster speed, It's currently resycned at 0.8meg but the way BT work it is that it will
take a few days to go upto that speed as it makes sure the line is stable so not only am I missing out on trading the horses but I am missing out on the US Open which finishes this weekend and I was hoping to make a nice chunk of cash from that as I have done the previous Golf tournements.
Result is from Fri as well by the way and not Sat, it was so slow yesterday that I couldn't even get it to load up this blog lol, anyway £3.48 from 4 races is an average of 87p so at least the average I'm getting from a race is going up, I just wish my money would get taken quicker as quite often I only get a few £ matched before someone pops ahead of my odds and it never normally goes back to my odds again so I only get around 1/5th - 1/4 of what I could do if it all gets matched, if you see some of my previous days when I've made around £3 in a race thats normally because mo
st or all of my amount has been matched.

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