Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Daily Result: £3.25

Again just a few races today for a profit of £3.25, had to scratch a few races and on one I told it to take current price just as it dropped a few ticks and so lost a bit on that one but other than that it was all good.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Daily Result: £2.29

Just a few races today for £2.29 profit, not much else to say really. I've also included an update of my premiership winners market, I was hoping for £100 profit by the end of the season but now with the amount I'm already up I'm hoping for between £125-£150 again this was achieved by using BetAngels Dutching and Bookmaking options.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Daily Result: £8.69

Only had chance to trade the greyhound markets today but only had 3 losing races for 87p, all in all I'm very happy with that and the profit I made. I still had the same old problem of using £10 stakes but didn't get matched with the full amount that often so I still have room for larger profit. I like trading the greyhound markets though as there is so many of them during the day that if I am free to trade then these markets are normally available.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Daily Result: £13.60

Well I traded a few races today and got away with a nice profit. I'm trying to trade on the favs/2nd favs etc more as with the outsiders I struggle to even get £5 matched before someone jumps ahead of my price. I was doing well until the 18:00 ish when I took a few hits on the greyhound market and so when I made a profit on 1 after and saw that I had made £11 on the greyhound market I decided to call it a day add to that £2.60 from 6 horse markets I've got to be happy with £13.60 profit from £10 stakes (although £5 with the greyhounds and although I was still not getting fully matched I was getting more money matched than normal).

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Daily Result: £55.98

Well another of my favourite "sports" events is over in SCD lol. It's a shame that the betting on it almost died completely when X-Factor started as I could of got so much more (well I would of hoped anyway) as I was this much up pretty much before X-Factor started still this amount now takes me over £1100. Apparently Celeb Big Bro starts at the beginning of the new year so hopefully I can make a few £ from that as well.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Daily Result: £4.20

Just a few trades today on the horse and greyhound market, still having the same problem as before though with only part of my stake being matched, still since I was only using £5 stakes while I try to get used to the greyhound markets I can't complain.
Bring on tomorrow and the end of SCD for another boost to my balance.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Daily Result: £139.99

A couple of things to point out today, from the image you will see that I used 2 accounts as I was still waiting for a couple of matches on the premiership winners market by the time X-Factor had started and so decided to use the other account I have which had £100 in it which I used to trade the X-Factor on the last show. I won £119 on my main account and £20 trading it in the other account on the last show again just using the bookmaking option in BetAngel, this has also pushed me well over the £1000 profit since the start so I'm very happy with this. Account will also be getting another boost this weekend with SCD coming to an end so another £50+ will be added to the total. I also do matched betting everyday which is very easy to do and makes me a few £ everyday so I'm thinking of adding this to the blog as well (under another section).

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Daily Result: £52.46

Again a big thanks to the bookmaking option within BetAngel for this profit on another TV show. TBH I should of got another £30 or so but I thought David Van Day was going to make the final and so didn't green up fully on him when I was £250ish up on him when he was trading around 6 but I was more than happy with £52.