Thursday, 25 September 2008

Daily Result : -£8.49

Well just a few trades today and I managed to forget that I had 2 lay trades going and I forgot to back them back in (dumb feck I know) and obviously both of them just happened to win dammit.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

As promised my SCD market as it stands (well actually it's a little out of date but you get the idea).
God I love these TV shows as I've said before using the Bookmaking option within BetAngel it's almost a licence to print money, there is defiantly less money in this market compared to Big Bro so I wont make anywhere near as much profit but I will be happy if I can get £50+ from my bank of £100 for this.

Daily Result: £13.09

Well actually it's a couple of days but I didn't get round to posting before, traded something like 10 races in all the problem I have is that the way I trade most of the time I look for drifters and when I get a bet matched someone jumps ahead of the rest of my money and so I sometimes only get a few £ matched and so make little profits here and there. TBH quite often I make 50p a race and 9times out of 10 that's having just £2-£3 matched so going by that it's a good return but like I said if I got more matched I could get a lot better returns so I'm looking for other ways of trying to get my money taken or to change my way of trading.
Anyway enough ranting I will also do another post after this one showing my SCD market.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Just thought I would post a little update on my current situation in the Premiership winners market currently I'm £7+ up on every team in the market after using a £100 bank so that's not a bad return, as you will see though I'm £3900 on 10 teams and as anyone who follows the premiership will know only the top 4 teams really have a chance and that's being generous. Most people look at the £3900 on the 'no hopers' as pointless as they wont win it but using 'dutching' I will be looking at getting £15+ extra profit on the other teams so boost up my profits, so hopefully that will take my top 4 teams profit to around £25 from my £100 bank so if I get that it will be a great return of 25%.
I will also post a screen shot on my Strictly Come Dancing market after the first show on Sat.

Daily Result: £6.30

Well I had most of my bank tied up in the Strictly Come Dancing market so I went into the place markets with just over £2 and in the 2 races by backing and laying I managed to get 2 free bets of £4 and £5 (normally I green up for a guaranteed profit but because I knew I was only going to do a few races I decided that instead of getting a few pence I would leave in a lay @2 in both the races for half the amounts and both of them got matched (or at least they would of if I had remembered that I needed to select the bet to stay in play when the race started on the first race) luckily though it went on to be placed so I got the full £4 in the first race and £2.50 in the 2nd race leaving me with £6.30 after the 2 races not bad for a £2 bank.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Daily Result :£2.53

Unfortunately didn't get the chance to trade the F1 races last weekend as the football was on and I wanted to watch it. so far this week I've only managed to trade today and that wasn't very much, in fact it was only 5 races for the £2.53 profit, on the plus side I've been trading on the Premiership winner and although I'm currently only £3 up on everyone with the lays I have placed in the market I should be able to turn that into £15+ when the back market falls close to 100%. Also after the success of the Big Bro market I've been trading the Strictly Come Dancing market and providing no-one leaves before the first show I will be on for a nice return to start with and I will post a screen shot at the end of the first show.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Daily Result: £4.03

Like yesterday only a little trading today on the place markets on the horses, just a little update was bored and had a bit of spare time so decided to have a little play in the Greyhound market with a £5 bank for £1.04 from the 2 races.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Daily Result: £3.84

Just a few trades on the Place Horse Markets today for a £3.84 profit.

Daily Result :£16.30

Well after a few days I've finally been paid out on the actual F1 race for a nice healthy profit from a £50 bank. I've noticed there is another F1 race this weekend as well so hopefully will be able to trade on the qualifying and the actual race itself.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Daily Result: £183.43

Well Big Brother has finally finished and although I can't stand watching the rubbish it sure was good to me trading wise. I ended up winning £159.55 using just a £60 bank on the market.
The result would also of been higher by over £10 on the horses but I forgot to put a back on a horse after leaving a lay in and it went on to be placed and I could of had another £10-£15 on the F1 qualifying but my phone rang and I missed a lay on Massa when he was in provisional pole and so didn't green up on him but I can't complain getting nearly 50% return on my bank for that as well especially as it was around £24 for 30mins so called work.
Hopefully I will get the chance to trade on the actual F1 race tomorrow but I don't know yet.