Friday, 30 May 2008

Betfair still poor

Daily Result: £2.00

Well with Betfair still having rubbish refresh times/rates for bets etc I'm still not able to place many trades because of it so just have to settle for the odd 1 tick trades here and there, decided to end it after only 9 races as it was just getting stupid, still it all helps and hoping to get to £100 by Monday as I doubt there will be much trading going on as it appears no-one knows what the problem is yet.

Monday, 26 May 2008

well it was only a week late

Daily Result: £5.41

Well the powercut didn't happen last week (when I was having all the problems) when I thought it would,today was the day for the powercut (so I wasn't that far out) although it happened about 10mins after my last trade so I was not in any of the markets which was very good and somewhat lucky.
Well it seems that my slow a$$ computer is not the only reason why I've had problems on Betfair as a number of people have rep
orted problems with the refresh on Betfair, my times are around 100m/s and then suddenly it will spike at 2000+ for a while, which makes trading on the markets a right pain/risky.
Traded 10 races today with 1 loss and all the others being good trades (one trade on tennis as well) so all in all another good day considering, of course it more than covered the £1 it costs me for BetAngel for the day as well.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

not a bad day

Daily Result: £53.25

Well today was a very good day, I decided to trade on the Golf and saw a chance to use the bookmaking option in BetAngel to make a profit on the Golf as it often went over the 100% figure so I could make a profit on anything over 100% by laying the whole board, did it a fair few times and ended £53.25 not bad for a bank balance of just £160ish,I've been stung by the withdraws in the horses before but thought that people withdrawing from the Golf were unlikely to happen so gave it a shot and glad I did.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

BetAngel paid for month

Daily Result: £6.12

Well I've managed to make enough profit from trading on Betfair this month well the 8 days I've traded to pay for BetAngel for this mon
th so I got that faster than I expected and *touch wood* I've yet to have a losing day even using this old PC(god I can't wait for my new system to arrive which should be on Tues).
Traded 8 races today and all were good ones for a profit of £5.32 which is pretty good considering the very small stakes, I've also had a quick trade on the Eurovision for an 80p profit as well as a trade on the Golf today but as it was done on the winn
er market and it doesn't finish till tomorrow I wont get it till then.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

so sloooooooooow

Daily Result: £2.26

Well this PC is currently making trading almost impossible it's so slow and I can't catch the prices most of the time as the PC takes ag
es just selecting one thing on BetAngel so I gave up early, on the plus side though out of the 5 races I did all were positive ones and even better news my new quad core PC is due on Tues so thats a bonus (would of been Monday but it's a bank holiday), hopefully tomorrow I would of made the magic £29.99 to cover the price of BetAngel for this month.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

less is ...........................well less

Daily Result: £2.84

Well I'm still not trading much due to the fact I'm using my slow system, although I've ordered my new Quad core system which has a due to be
delivered on or before 3rd June so hopefully before.
Out of the 14 races today 2 were
losses and the other 12 were good ones so that was quite good only downside was there was not very many big movers for myself so only took a tick or 2 profit on each race, although I've again more than covered the cost of BetAngel for today (and yesterday when I didn't trade).

Monday, 19 May 2008

not a bad day

Daily Result: £5.14

Well today was actually quite a good day really when I consider I was still stuck using my old slow a$$ computer which sometimes free
zes BetAngel for a few seconds, still I only did 9 races today so I'm more than happy with £5.14 as in the 5 days I've traded I'm already over halfway to paying for BetAngel for this months use, I'm actually very tempted to pay subscription for the whole year as instead of costing me £30 a month that I would need to get each month to break even it would actually be under £17 as it's only £200 for the whole year and I got to £17 after 4 days trading.
I'm also getting much bett
er at catching the big drifters and in the last few days I've caught a few of them for £1-£3profits on just 1 race which when you consider I am currently only laying/backing with £2 it's pretty darn good going.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Betfair down again!!!!!!!!

Daily Result: £7.47

This is becoming a bit of a joke now, Betfair is currently down again (or as good as) just as I get a profit of £1.75 on the last race (not bad for only 2x £2 bets backing and laying) so I think I will retire from trading today and watch the rugby between Saints and Catalan. Out of the 21 races today 3 losses, 1 level and 17 in profit so again all in all trading wise a very good day the profits are low at the mo as I'm only backing and laying at £2 a time at the mo but as I get used to it and hopeful
ly as my bank grows I will put more on and hopefully get more of a profit but today has easily paid for BetAngel for today (costs £30 a month so around £1 a day)
*update* I decided to trade a
gain after the rugby match as Betfair seemed fine and I'm glad I did after winning another £3.33 in 3 races (well I got £3.08 in one race with a couple of inspired prices)

Friday, 16 May 2008

sloooooooooooooooow system

Daily Result: £3.37

Well as expected the old system was shockingly slow compared to my system which gave up on me a few days ago so it took much longer to place some bets so I'm only placing a few bets a day for now as I lost on one of the races I should not as it went my way at the price I wanted but before I could place the bet my system froze for a few seconds and in that time it had gone down some ticks and left me in a negative position, overall though it went well wit
h a positive amount on the day (small amount as normal but then again I am currently only backing and laying for £2 to get used to it and I'm currently up £9.64 which is an increase of 6.4% of my starting bank in 3 days but as I've said before I'll be more than happy to begin with for my trading to just cover the costs of BetAngel (in this case £30 for the month and I'm well on my way to achieving that this month) and at the moment I'm only trading on 1/3rd - 1/2th of all the races I could.
out of 11 races 1 loss 2 scratched 8 of them in profit so that's good and shows I seem to be reading the markets correctly most of the time.

Or can they...................

Daily Result: £3.92 (for thursday)

Well I thought things could only get better but maybe not half way through the trading day yesterday my computer decided to freeze and there was a bang and smoke started to pour out of the side on the desktop with a burning (this is completly fooked) smell, which also took out the electrics, luckily I wasn't in any trades so called an end to the day and tried my very very old P4 2ghz computer which is sooooooooo slow it's crazy so I might knock the trading on it's head until I can get a new computer or at the very least I will be doing less trades unless the system works as fast as I like it to.
Trading wise the day went well I traded on 13 races lost on 2, level on 2, and was up on the other 9 leaving me a total of £3.92 up on the day, I can only wonder what's gonna give up on me tomorrow, my NAP is that it's a power cut for a few hours.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Things can only get better

Daily Result: £2.35

Well what a shocking start to this blog, a lot of my early trades today I had people putting fake/ghost money into my market and forcing the market the opposite way (seems to happen a lot more on the higher odds horses because there is less liquidity so they know they can get away with it), basically with a few minutes before the off I may of placed a Lay bet of 30 for £2 and get it matched and then suddenly out of nowhere £130 will appear on the back side (where as before it was going up in £5's etc) causing people to panic and close out there position at whatever price they can and watch it go on a big drift and if and when the price comes back down as soon as it gets close to the money again or some of it starts being matched they take all the money out of the market completely (checking the market before hand and after shows that £100 was not matched at that price when it left the market, I never noticed this before until I read about it but see it quite regular now) thankfully on all but 1 instance I managed to trade more on those races but I would of been up a lot more.
Not only that but around 18:45-19:00 I noticed on BetAngel my 2 lays that had not been matched were appearing and then disappearing in the market and before I realised what was happening Betfair was down, it did eventually come up 2-3 Min's before the race starts but people were obviously panicking and closing out there positions or placing a normal bet at whatever odds they could in case the site went down again so my lay price was taken as was as around 5 ticks below it, luckily I was able to trade out and scratch the trade I then decided that I would just watch the next race to see if the same thing happened and sure enough it did so I decided to give up for the day.
all in all I ended £2.35 up on the day so as long as it pays for BetAngel I don't mind, well TBH as I'm only just starting I don't mind having a few losing days.