Monday, 19 May 2008

not a bad day

Daily Result: £5.14

Well today was actually quite a good day really when I consider I was still stuck using my old slow a$$ computer which sometimes free
zes BetAngel for a few seconds, still I only did 9 races today so I'm more than happy with £5.14 as in the 5 days I've traded I'm already over halfway to paying for BetAngel for this months use, I'm actually very tempted to pay subscription for the whole year as instead of costing me £30 a month that I would need to get each month to break even it would actually be under £17 as it's only £200 for the whole year and I got to £17 after 4 days trading.
I'm also getting much bett
er at catching the big drifters and in the last few days I've caught a few of them for £1-£3profits on just 1 race which when you consider I am currently only laying/backing with £2 it's pretty darn good going.

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