Saturday, 17 May 2008

Betfair down again!!!!!!!!

Daily Result: £7.47

This is becoming a bit of a joke now, Betfair is currently down again (or as good as) just as I get a profit of £1.75 on the last race (not bad for only 2x £2 bets backing and laying) so I think I will retire from trading today and watch the rugby between Saints and Catalan. Out of the 21 races today 3 losses, 1 level and 17 in profit so again all in all trading wise a very good day the profits are low at the mo as I'm only backing and laying at £2 a time at the mo but as I get used to it and hopeful
ly as my bank grows I will put more on and hopefully get more of a profit but today has easily paid for BetAngel for today (costs £30 a month so around £1 a day)
*update* I decided to trade a
gain after the rugby match as Betfair seemed fine and I'm glad I did after winning another £3.33 in 3 races (well I got £3.08 in one race with a couple of inspired prices)

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