Monday, 31 August 2009

August Result: £2049.07

Yes that figure is correct and not a typo, I managed to smash my previous best month by more than £1200 seeing that my previous best alone was just over £800 it's a pretty big jump.
A fair bit of this profit came from 1 race where I made something like £360 with a matched bet (which a fair few of them I will just lay off the initial back stake and commission amount and leave the rest of it on the 1 horse). I also managed to find a fair few decent arbs which made £20+ a race as well.

Trading has again been on the back burner this month although I did manage a nice £43.34 on the F1 and £49.36 on the Football which is a new thing I've been looking at getting into this month as I watch a fair bit of football and so I can trade on that while watching it. I'm not sure what I've made trading the horses but I would say it's £20+.

Also thanks to the matched betting my Betfair account is in a big negative so I won't be seeing the Betfair Premium Charge in a while hopefully.

Hoping September will be a half decent month but seeing as the horse card is pretty much cut in half now I'm not expecting anything amazing.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

July Result: £579.41
June Result: £768.00

I've not had much chance to post recently as I've been busy with other things and so trading has been put on the back burner although I've done a bit of matched betting and Arbing in the spare time I have had.
When I have traded I made £3.23 on the Tennis, £14.28 on the Golf and £39.35 on F1 and I've also done a few trades on the Premiership winners market like last year and have built up nearly £7000 on 8 of the outsiders which I will then use to Dutch the other teams so hope to make £20 ish back from the £7000 I'm up on these outsiders as lets be honest they have no hope of winning it, I've also done a few trades on Big Brother but nothing like the amount of last year so won't even get close to last years total but will hopefully end up in a profit anyway. So only just over £50 profit from trading overall in the last 2 months but like I've said I've done next to no trading at all and I'm more than happy with the money I made overall from matched betting and a few arbs.
Hopefully this or next month I will be able to get back to trading a lot more and topping up my balance.