Sunday, 27 July 2008

Daily Result: £5.66

Almost forgot this one as I've not had the time to trade much this week, just had 2 quick trades on the darts live on sky and 1 horse race for a profit of £5.66.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Daily Result :£26.47 (well a couple days)

Well I should of had a much better result than I did, basically like normal I layed all the Golfers in the Open Championship for a guaranteed profit (or at least it would of been if Betfair had removed the people who were not taking part which they said they do as soon as the players are announced but this is clearly not the case as I layed the market at least 4 hours after the players along with Teeoff times were announced), anyway this basically left me £80 down on most but £3000 up on the outsiders, well the legendary G Norman was one of these players and after day 1 his odds were down to 100-1 so I thought geez I will lay those odds for £30 back as he won't be able to keep it up, well he basically did till the end of day 3 and his odds dropped to 5 at the time so if I kept the bet going till then I could of layed off for a guaranteed profit of £500+, but not to worry I'm just happy I managed to
trade the market to end up £11.36 on the golf, I also managed to lay the whole market on F1 for a guaranteed profit of £15.11 in that as well so for a few mins of button clicking I'm happy with that as well.
all in all I can't complain and these 2 markets which I traded for 30mins max have paid for most of BetAngel for the month.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Daily Result : -£4.88

Well as expected while trying this stratagy I've made a loss on a day but as I said I was always going to get more losing days doing this than when I'm trading and watching the prices all the time.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Daily Result: £13.71

Well I've not had much time to trade recently so I've decided to leave just £100 in my Betfair account and go from there and see how much I can get by basically leaving my selections in the market and then offsetting after I've entered the market, a 13% return on the first day is good enough for me but I really don't expect such a good return for about 5mins work in total (although don't get me wrong I'm more than happy with that but trading this way I'm far
more likely to have losing days than when I'm watching the market.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Daily Result: £3.29

Only managed 1 trade on the Golf today for £3.29 profit but it pays for 3 days use of BetAngel and not only that it takes me over the £500 profit mark so I'm very happy with that.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Daily Result: £24.87 (well 2 days)

I managed to get a trade on a horse like normal except I got told it was likely to run a good race so I decided to run with a free bet by trading the prices and ended up with a £100 free bet so I placed a few low lay prices and the horse did run a good race and managed to get £23 from it.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Daily Result: £1.45

Well again just the 1 race today as I was busy doing other things so just a small a profit of £1.45 today but again it pays for BetA
ngel so thats fine by me.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Daily Result: £33.92

Well thanks to my genius I managed to make £33.92 today from 2 races....... well OK actually instead of greening up on one of the horses like I always do I just layed and backed for the same amount (money wise) which left me with basically a free £150ish on one of the horses I didn't realise this until I was looking at the bets as the race was part the way through , straight away I put in a lay at a low amount and luckily enough the horse ran a good race and a lot of my money got taken before it faded at the end, after that I thought that well thats my luck used up for today and so stopped lol.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Daily Result: £25.22

Well managed a few trades on my fav trading sport in Golf and got £19 profit for 10min or so from it, also had a few quick trades on the British GP as well, all in all I can't complain.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Daily Result: -£1.73

Well it finally happened I've made a loss on the day for the first time although it was due to a stupid mistake by myself instead of laying in the Tennis I backed instead by mistake so went from a £5 profit to a loss (to make matters worse it was in the last game as well so couldn't redeem myself), no complaints though as it was due to my own stupidity and not something else like Betfair or BetAngel crashing.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Daily Result: £12.85

Just the 2 trades today one on the tennis and another on Darts, I'm disappointed with the darts trade as if Barneveld who was the title holder and seeded 2 for the whole tournament had won the match I would of won £20 and not the 50p that I did as I like pretty much everyone thought he would win so for once instead of greening up equal across the board like I normally do with everything else decided to leave all the profit on his side but hey a profit is a profit so I'll take it.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Daily Result: £162.96 (well 3 days actually)

Well I've not really had much time to trade the horses the last few days so decided to trade in the Tennis matches instead and because of the volume of the markets and the fact I know which way the odds are likely to go (shorten in this case) then I can back first for a lot more money than what I can do with the horses where I have no idea how good each horse is and so look for drifters and so lay money first so can't get a much money matched and so the profits are smaller (especially as someone nearly always jumps ahead when my money starts getting taken).
All in all I'm very happy with this amount of profit and these first few days of the month have already beaten both of the trading on the previous 2 months.