Monday, 7 July 2008

Daily Result: £33.92

Well thanks to my genius I managed to make £33.92 today from 2 races....... well OK actually instead of greening up on one of the horses like I always do I just layed and backed for the same amount (money wise) which left me with basically a free £150ish on one of the horses I didn't realise this until I was looking at the bets as the race was part the way through , straight away I put in a lay at a low amount and luckily enough the horse ran a good race and a lot of my money got taken before it faded at the end, after that I thought that well thats my luck used up for today and so stopped lol.


Graeme Dand said...


Without saying I told you so mate, you can now see the benefits of my trading strategy!

A £30 win on a race is great going and when you compare it to your normal profits, it stands out a fair bit!

At the moment, I'm struggling doing the easy part and getting the riskfree bet but once I get back into form, I should be OK!

Well done and I suggest you seriously consider doing this sort of thing more often....


Iranian Giraffe said...

Hi mate,

Cheers for that

I would do this more often as like I've said before your trading stratagy is actually a very good one if you have knowledge of which horses will run well etc which you clearly do, me on the other hand I have no fudging idea and the way I find to trade on the markets is to lay first and then back after (as in drifting horses) and that way I cant normally get a big lay bet and then a back bet to give me a decent risk free bet but most of the time it only ends up being prob £20-£30 and I would say around 1 in every 30+ of them wins so thats not freat and obviously I have no idea if it's any good or has a chance of running well, I did say I would make a note of the ones I trade on to see if would be better to trade your way but since I wrote that I've not done anywhere near as much trading on the horses as I've not had a much time but it's one I will deffo look into and make a note of more