Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Here is my update for my trading on the Big Bro markets my initial target when I first started was £60 (that was the original trading bank I used for it), it's quite close to the end now so I'm very tempted to just leave it is as I currently have it as I'm very happy with the profit from it although I have to say I am tempted to go for £120 profit and so get a 200% return on the bank I started it with.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Result :£9.73

Well as I've said before I've not had much time to trade recently so just a few trades to add for a profit of £9.73 nothing outstanding but hey it all adds up lol.

I will update my Big Bro market in the next day or so as thats going pretty well and I currently have made more than I was hoping for so thats going well and the best thing about that is I can let that ride and not worry if it takes an hour or so to get matched unlike horse racing etc.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Just realised I've made over £600 on this now from a starting bank of £150 so I'm happy with that, also here is a current screen shot of the amount I'm currently on to get from the Big Brother market.
Daily Result : £21.66

Managed to trade a little on the Golf for a nice profit as I've said before I find it pretty easy to make nice returns on Golf, F1 and reality TV programs as using a £60 bank on the Golf I managed to return the above profit which is over a 33% return on the bank, also baring a huge feckup by myself I will be getting a very nice return on big brother using the same £60 bank although there is still a while to go I am currently up at least £42 on everyone and a few of them I am £1500-£2000 up on (although they have been voted off I've been told that in previous Big Brothers that people have been put back in the house so I'm hoping this will be the case so I can clean up on 1 of them), personally I never watch any of this reality TV rubbish but they do seem to be pretty much a licence to print money.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Daily Result : £26.87

Well I managed to trade on the F1 GP while watching it for a nice profit and also had a few trades on both the Women's and Men's Golf tournaments that took place today, I also traded 1 game in the tennis but then decided I really couldn't be bothered. I really wish there was F1 and the last day of a Golf tournament on everyday of the week as I can make a nice healthy profit on both of these events quite easy (certainly requires less concentration from me than what I need on the horses), well these last 2 days I almost doubled my bank and prob traded about 2 hours in total, in fact if Massa hadn't retired so close to the end of the race I would of got nearly £50 from that but decided to gamble as I was up on everybody and he was winning the race quite comfortably I would let that ride.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Daily Result: £28.88

Well I've not been able to trade much the last few weeks so I've withdrawn a fair bit of money and left just under £60 in my Betfair account.

Basically I traded the qualifying for the F1 GP with my full bank of near £60 and made £28.88 on it in 30mins so I'm very happy with that as I nearly increased my bank by 50% in 1/2 hr, will hopefully trade the actual race tomorrow as well but that tends to be less volatile than the qualifying so I very much doubt I will get much from that at all, might try to trade the Golf as well if I get the chance as I tend to make a fair bit from Golf, F1 and any reality TV final rubbish (which I don't watch) as near the end of these events the prices shoot up and down a lot.