Monday, 11 August 2008

Daily Result : £21.66

Managed to trade a little on the Golf for a nice profit as I've said before I find it pretty easy to make nice returns on Golf, F1 and reality TV programs as using a £60 bank on the Golf I managed to return the above profit which is over a 33% return on the bank, also baring a huge feckup by myself I will be getting a very nice return on big brother using the same £60 bank although there is still a while to go I am currently up at least £42 on everyone and a few of them I am £1500-£2000 up on (although they have been voted off I've been told that in previous Big Brothers that people have been put back in the house so I'm hoping this will be the case so I can clean up on 1 of them), personally I never watch any of this reality TV rubbish but they do seem to be pretty much a licence to print money.

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