Sunday, 3 August 2008

Daily Result : £26.87

Well I managed to trade on the F1 GP while watching it for a nice profit and also had a few trades on both the Women's and Men's Golf tournaments that took place today, I also traded 1 game in the tennis but then decided I really couldn't be bothered. I really wish there was F1 and the last day of a Golf tournament on everyday of the week as I can make a nice healthy profit on both of these events quite easy (certainly requires less concentration from me than what I need on the horses), well these last 2 days I almost doubled my bank and prob traded about 2 hours in total, in fact if Massa hadn't retired so close to the end of the race I would of got nearly £50 from that but decided to gamble as I was up on everybody and he was winning the race quite comfortably I would let that ride.

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