Saturday, 2 August 2008

Daily Result: £28.88

Well I've not been able to trade much the last few weeks so I've withdrawn a fair bit of money and left just under £60 in my Betfair account.

Basically I traded the qualifying for the F1 GP with my full bank of near £60 and made £28.88 on it in 30mins so I'm very happy with that as I nearly increased my bank by 50% in 1/2 hr, will hopefully trade the actual race tomorrow as well but that tends to be less volatile than the qualifying so I very much doubt I will get much from that at all, might try to trade the Golf as well if I get the chance as I tend to make a fair bit from Golf, F1 and any reality TV final rubbish (which I don't watch) as near the end of these events the prices shoot up and down a lot.

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