Sunday, 20 July 2008

Daily Result :£26.47 (well a couple days)

Well I should of had a much better result than I did, basically like normal I layed all the Golfers in the Open Championship for a guaranteed profit (or at least it would of been if Betfair had removed the people who were not taking part which they said they do as soon as the players are announced but this is clearly not the case as I layed the market at least 4 hours after the players along with Teeoff times were announced), anyway this basically left me £80 down on most but £3000 up on the outsiders, well the legendary G Norman was one of these players and after day 1 his odds were down to 100-1 so I thought geez I will lay those odds for £30 back as he won't be able to keep it up, well he basically did till the end of day 3 and his odds dropped to 5 at the time so if I kept the bet going till then I could of layed off for a guaranteed profit of £500+, but not to worry I'm just happy I managed to
trade the market to end up £11.36 on the golf, I also managed to lay the whole market on F1 for a guaranteed profit of £15.11 in that as well so for a few mins of button clicking I'm happy with that as well.
all in all I can't complain and these 2 markets which I traded for 30mins max have paid for most of BetAngel for the month.


Graeme Dand said...

Hi Mike.

Thanks for the comment on the blog the other day mate. I didn’t notice it until today.

I had a little laugh to myself though when I read it. If only you had more faith in Norman, you could have made a mint!

It appears it all turned out well in the end and a profit is a nice achievement after that poor start, so well done.

I’m quite envious of your profit this month from only a few days trading to be honest as I’m working my ass off for very little this month. Some of my losses this month have been horrendous and the fact I’m nearly level is down to hard work and sweat!

If I can carry this work ethic across to next month and cut out the stupid losses, the profit next month could be out of this world! lol

Good luck for the remainder of this month.


Iranian Giraffe said...

Hi Graeme,

Tell me about it mate if I wasn't down £80 to begin with (due to my own stupidity of not checking to make sure Betfair had removed all the ones not in the tournement) I would of left them all for a few days and got a very healthy profit from the guys I was £3000 up on but because I was £80 down I decided to cash in on them before they went to odds of 1000 and get little to no money off them, but hey sometimes it goes for you and others against you.