Monday, 26 May 2008

well it was only a week late

Daily Result: £5.41

Well the powercut didn't happen last week (when I was having all the problems) when I thought it would,today was the day for the powercut (so I wasn't that far out) although it happened about 10mins after my last trade so I was not in any of the markets which was very good and somewhat lucky.
Well it seems that my slow a$$ computer is not the only reason why I've had problems on Betfair as a number of people have rep
orted problems with the refresh on Betfair, my times are around 100m/s and then suddenly it will spike at 2000+ for a while, which makes trading on the markets a right pain/risky.
Traded 10 races today with 1 loss and all the others being good trades (one trade on tennis as well) so all in all another good day considering, of course it more than covered the £1 it costs me for BetAngel for the day as well.

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