Friday, 16 May 2008

Or can they...................

Daily Result: £3.92 (for thursday)

Well I thought things could only get better but maybe not half way through the trading day yesterday my computer decided to freeze and there was a bang and smoke started to pour out of the side on the desktop with a burning (this is completly fooked) smell, which also took out the electrics, luckily I wasn't in any trades so called an end to the day and tried my very very old P4 2ghz computer which is sooooooooo slow it's crazy so I might knock the trading on it's head until I can get a new computer or at the very least I will be doing less trades unless the system works as fast as I like it to.
Trading wise the day went well I traded on 13 races lost on 2, level on 2, and was up on the other 9 leaving me a total of £3.92 up on the day, I can only wonder what's gonna give up on me tomorrow, my NAP is that it's a power cut for a few hours.

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