Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Daily Result: £13.09

Well actually it's a couple of days but I didn't get round to posting before, traded something like 10 races in all the problem I have is that the way I trade most of the time I look for drifters and when I get a bet matched someone jumps ahead of the rest of my money and so I sometimes only get a few £ matched and so make little profits here and there. TBH quite often I make 50p a race and 9times out of 10 that's having just £2-£3 matched so going by that it's a good return but like I said if I got more matched I could get a lot better returns so I'm looking for other ways of trying to get my money taken or to change my way of trading.
Anyway enough ranting I will also do another post after this one showing my SCD market.

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