Thursday, 18 September 2008

Just thought I would post a little update on my current situation in the Premiership winners market currently I'm £7+ up on every team in the market after using a £100 bank so that's not a bad return, as you will see though I'm £3900 on 10 teams and as anyone who follows the premiership will know only the top 4 teams really have a chance and that's being generous. Most people look at the £3900 on the 'no hopers' as pointless as they wont win it but using 'dutching' I will be looking at getting £15+ extra profit on the other teams so boost up my profits, so hopefully that will take my top 4 teams profit to around £25 from my £100 bank so if I get that it will be a great return of 25%.
I will also post a screen shot on my Strictly Come Dancing market after the first show on Sat.

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