Thursday, 18 September 2008

Daily Result: £6.30

Well I had most of my bank tied up in the Strictly Come Dancing market so I went into the place markets with just over £2 and in the 2 races by backing and laying I managed to get 2 free bets of £4 and £5 (normally I green up for a guaranteed profit but because I knew I was only going to do a few races I decided that instead of getting a few pence I would leave in a lay @2 in both the races for half the amounts and both of them got matched (or at least they would of if I had remembered that I needed to select the bet to stay in play when the race started on the first race) luckily though it went on to be placed so I got the full £4 in the first race and £2.50 in the 2nd race leaving me with £6.30 after the 2 races not bad for a £2 bank.

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