Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Daily Result: £139.99

A couple of things to point out today, from the image you will see that I used 2 accounts as I was still waiting for a couple of matches on the premiership winners market by the time X-Factor had started and so decided to use the other account I have which had £100 in it which I used to trade the X-Factor on the last show. I won £119 on my main account and £20 trading it in the other account on the last show again just using the bookmaking option in BetAngel, this has also pushed me well over the £1000 profit since the start so I'm very happy with this. Account will also be getting another boost this weekend with SCD coming to an end so another £50+ will be added to the total. I also do matched betting everyday which is very easy to do and makes me a few £ everyday so I'm thinking of adding this to the blog as well (under another section).

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