Thursday, 19 June 2008

Daily Result: £17.28

Well my internet has finally updated to 0.5meg so I was finally able to trade again after a short lay off.
I made my highest total in a day just trading the horses although that was probably because I did trade in 19 races and I would of actually made a few £ more but in the last race my internet froze for 10 seconds and at the time I was able to back the horse I wanted at 20 which would of allowed me to trade out for £1 profit ish but instead when the net came back the price had changed to 15 and meant that I actually lost £1.35 which was disappointing (although could of been worse as like normal I didn't get all my amount matched)but overall I'm happy with the amount I made especially when as I've said before a lot of the time I only get matched for £5 or so if all my bets got matched by the full amount each time I would make 4 or 5 times as much as I do but hey sometimes I do get fully matched or close to fully matched so I can't complain (you can tell those ones easily on my profit/loss screen shot as those are the ones where I make £2-£3 in 1 race).

Now £17.28 might not sound a lot and TBH it's not but I do my trading normally while I'm at my computer working anyway so if I wasn't able to trade anyway the money would only be sat in the bank earning me around 10p a month so I would take doing this for £200 a month rather than letting it sit in the bank earning me 10p and TBH I actually quite enjoy trading on Betfair and it's always nice to see my balance in Betfair going up.

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Graeme Dand said...


Well done on a great days trading. The fact you only had 2 losses makes great reading no matter what stake size you use, so well done.

I've replied to your comment on my blog also.

I would be keen to hear how you get on paper playing my strategy as I'm sure that it will work well for others.