Friday, 20 June 2008

Daily Result: £9.21

Well a pretty uneventful trading day for me today with £9.21 profit but that was from 9 races so over £1 profit each race average so I'm happy with that especially as like normal I only got fully matched in 1 race for £3.11 profit, not bad since my lay and back amounts were £10. I always lay first as for me it's much easier to spot a drifter in the market so although I can't put as much on as I could if I backed first I do pretty much get it right most of the time (take today for instance I made a profit in them all and *touch wood* have still not had a day where I have lost money.

My Internet also went back up to 1meg today so hopefully thats it sorted for a while now I am tempted to try to lower the SNR on my line to squeeze a bit more speed out of it (was on 1.4meg last week for the first time in about 3 years) but I think I will leave it as although thats no doubt slow for most people I'm used to it and it's more than adequate for me.

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