Sunday, 8 June 2008

Daily Result: £3.79

Well I changed over ISP's on Friday and the router they give you is shocking compared to the Belkin 7633 that I have and the o2 router was basically syncing at 0.3meg giving me a download speed of 0.2meg and leaving the noise m
argin at a stupidly high 19-20 (where as 6 before was very stable for me). eventually I've managed to get all the details I needed to use my Belkin router which has allowed me to manually bring down the noise margin from 19-20 to around 10 and allowed me to sync at around 1.3meg (although download speeds are around 0.2-0.5meg because the sync speed is much higher I should eventually get back to 1meg) which if I hadn't been able to change the SNR manually I would of been at .3 speed max. I did manage to place a few bets yesterday and made £50 using matched betting by laying a free bet I was given (after placing a £50 bet and laying that off as well) but as it was not trading I'm not including it. today I managed to make a small profit by using the bookmaking option in BetAngel on the Golf again (although I did stop after a short while as the refresh rates were poor due to my rubbish download speeds and so I didn't want to get caught out) what I did notice was that players can make big comebacks from stupidly high odds for instance I layed 1 player for 20p for odds of 990 so my liability was £197+ (well it wasn't as it was layed off elsewhere) but instead of laying that 20p off now I think I will just let it go for a while as the player made a comeback and his odds fell all the way back down to 3 so I could off layed off that profit for £100 instead of making just 20p (although TBH I would of prob laid off when it fell to 10ish but that still would of been around £20 profit). still hopefully I will be back up to full speed soon and able to trade and all in all I'm happy with the £3.79 profit as it again more than covers the BetAngel costs for the day.

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