Thursday, 5 June 2008

shocking start....good finish

Daily Result: £12.79

For the 2nd day running I had a shockingly bad start after the first 3 races I was down over £2 which I got back in the 4th race of the day for a £2 profit, from then on I didn't have anymore losing trades for some reason it just seems to be the first couple of races.
Overall I managed to trade in 21 races (so pretty much a full race card), 2 of them were loses and the other 19 being profitable ones....although my daily profit looks a lot better thanks to the last 2 races where I got nearly £6 from them which was about 90% of the previous 19 races total profit, with the 2nd from last race being my biggest profit from a single race since starting this with a fine £4.73, this is also my best day profits wise trading on the horses, I trade much better than this every day though and like I said without the last 2 races I traded I would of had a very average day at best (considering how many races I did), anyway I'm actually enjoying making money from trading on the markets no matter how small and now that my bank is growing it is allowing me more money to back and lay and so make more profit which can only be a good thing.

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