Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Daily Result: £5.69

Well now that my internet seems to have settled down I will hopefully be able to start trading again now as it was fine for the races I did today, (getting 1.4meg as well which is a plus for what I'm used to), still very slow for most but it's amazing for my line.
Trading wise the day went fine with only 1 race which lost me money and that race I could of made a profit but I was slow on the trigger and by the time I placed my back bet the odds had fallen again so instead of a 50p profit I had a 50p loss but in the 11 races I did trade I got £5.69 so thats around 50p a race profit so although it's a very small amount it is allowing my bank to build up nicely.
Hopefully will get to trade most of the day tomorrow.

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