Sunday, 1 June 2008

still no end in sight.....result for Sat

Daily Result: £37.94

Well still the problem with Betfair and the slow response rates/times is happening which is really hindering my trading on the horses, I was told that Britain's got talent finished tonight and the market was in play and regularly going over 100% on the lay side which meant I could lay the whole market for a profit across the board (just like I did the Golf last week) so I was laying that a few times yesterday and ended up £35 across the board (with some in the £100's and half the market in the £1000's), although when it got close to the result the times got stupidly slow (over 11 seconds to place a bet) so decided to quit while I was ahead.
very happy with this bookmaking option though as it seems to work very well with in play events that don't change odds by a big amounts in the space of a few seconds (like horse racing) and most of the time all the selections will get matched almost right away and because a lot of the time the profit is 2%ish if there is 1 selection in the market I am waiting for (and the market is going against me) I can easily just move the odds to get matched and still get a profit (obviously less of one though).
very happy overall though that I've almost doubled my bank in the 11 days that I've traded, hopefully get to £150 and so doubled my bank by this time next week.

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