Monday, 2 June 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Daily Result: £6.09

Well the delay on Betfair was much better today (as in there wasn't as many) although in the end I did only trade on 11 races I did get a healthy profit, in the 11 races I scratched on 2 and won on the other 9 so all in all the trading was good and I got 1/5th of the amount needed to pay BetAngel for another month just today, I'm also under £2 away from doubling my £150 bank that I started with in just 13 trading days (around 3 weeks overall).

I was going to purchase BetAngel for a year for £200 as that would save me around £13 a month on the current price but with £200 I'm currently making around 30p a race so after 44 races I will have made back that extra cost because it allows me to lay for more money.

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