Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Daily Result : £2.42

OK not had much time to do any proper trading for a while hence no updates and when I have had a hr or so I've been looking at using the ladder interface and seeing how the markets work with more of the favourites (my normal style of trading was the outsiders but now I'm looking at putting more money into the market and for this obviously I would need to do it where the money is and that's in the top 3 horses). Anyway 3 races traded for £2.42 but it all adds up and will help me build my confidence back up so I can't complain. I will also post up my Strictly Come Dancing, Premiership Winners and X-Factor markets current screenshots which I've been doing with the bookmaking function within BetAngel Pro as normal when I've had a few moments and they are going pretty well (although SCD is pretty much dead now since X-Factor has started)

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