Monday, 17 November 2008

Daily Result : £5.83

Just a few races traded today for a profit of £5.83 although TBH I could and should of got so much more in the last race I was £10 up on 1 horse (if it won) after I got out after just 1 tick as I had to go downstairs and so took that price but I could of easily got 8 ticks so could of got another £50 from it as it won and I layed the horse at 1.2, happy with nearly £6 profit fro
m just 5 races though using £10 stake.


nico said...

you dont seem to have any comments so i thoughht i would leave one good luck

Iranian Giraffe said...

thanks Nico,

TBH I setup the blog for myself and my friends who are in the challenge with me to see who can make the most money and never really expected anyone else to see it, but I've noticed a few people have found the blog now and are more than welcome to post on it

thanks again