Thursday, 14 May 2009

May Result: £485.75 (so far)

A cracking start to my matched betting for the first part of this month a total profit of £485.75 with just around £10 of it coming from trading as I've not had the time.
Again I've added a screen shot although I doubt I will bother from now on as with the matched betting it doesn't give a true pic of whats happening, as I pointed out in my last post with regards to the Premiership Winners Market, I'm now almost £400 up on that (although this will eventually end up around £120 overall when all the teams are ruled out and all the bets are settled)
The great thing about all these matched betting winners is that my profits on Betfair are taking a big big hit and now my total charges % for Betfair is a huge 48.72% overall now so I'm well away from being close to getting hit by the Betfair Premium Charge for now.

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